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The Great British Bake Off Goes Vegan!

Date Published: 21-10-2021

In case you’ve not been watching, Essential are pleased to let you know that hit UK cookery show, The Great British Bake Off, has a vegan contestant for the first time.  And we say, about time too!

Freya Cox is also this year’s youngest baker and describes herself as, "a massive perfectionist", so the creations are set to be wonderful and really showcase benefits of the vegan diet and its numerous possibilities.  At nineteen-years old, Freya admits that she feels "genuinely blessed" to be able to share her vegan baking passions and she’ll certainly get Essential’s vote.

The flagship transmission, now on Channel 4, has gathered fans since its first episode on BBC2 in August 2010.  Since then, it has featured many star chefs, star presenters and notable creations.  During the UK’s Covid lockdown, many turned their hand to baking and the show was undoubtedly an initiator for the uptake.  As per all other wholesalers, retailers and supermarkets in the UK, we ran short on flour stocks due to the sudden craze and that’s despite stocking a range of eleven brands!

The latest series which started last month, features twelve contestants in total.  While the show has previously included vegan challenges and dairy-free weeks, recipes free from animal products are a rarity in the show’s history, so we at Essential are delighted that veganism is receiving key airtime. The show did feature a vegan week in 2018, where contestants were set challenges of baking cakes and tarts without diary, so this is a new quest.  But as co-host Paul Hollywood commented, “Veganism is something that seems to be growing.”  Essential think that it's a great time for the show to readdress the diet.

To defy any critics, Paul Hollywood further added, “If you are vegan or you’re thinking about it and are just worried about how it’s going to change your life, watch it and see.  It fascinated me, totally.. shocked me as well.”