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50 Years in the Making

Date Published: 01-09-2021

2021 marks the 50th year of when Essential’s first Harvest store opened in Bath and we have been servicing wholesale communities and supporting the local economy ever since.  Following a 1991 merger of two worker co-ops, Bristol-based Nova Wholefoods Co-operative Limited and Bath Wholefood Co-operative Limited, Essential have become a true pioneer in the manufacturing and distribution of vegetarian, vegan, organic, sustainable and free-from produce, sourced from around the world. 

The late 1970s and early 1980s saw a dramatic rise in popularity of both businesses.   Wholefoods distributors and manufacturers were few and far between and the recognised worker co-operatives quickly gained popularity. 

The 50th anniversary this summer is one to be celebrated, particularly as in 1971, such foods were somewhat disregarded and the movement described as a fad.  Since then, Essential has grown into one of the biggest co-operative structures in the UK, importing and exporting produce throughout the UK and on the continent and we’re very proud of the pioneering stance that the business has stuck to.

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